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Please read before applying

Mostly Harmless is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Hordeside Malfurion.


We strive to be efficient in our raiding, meaning we raid for less time per week than traditional 'hardcore' guilds but use that time as best we can to progress.


Quality of raid time > Quantity of raid time


Our raid week consists of two 3-hour nights and one 4-hour night. Because of this short raid week, we expect raiders to attend the vast majority of raids.


By applying, you're agreeing you'll be doing your damndest to meet our expectations and requirements.








You come ready to raid: flasks, pots, food, runes, caffeine (if needed), excitement!


Be ready to listen and follow instruction.


Do your research on fights before progression. We will post our chosen strat ahead of time on the forums. Know what your class brings to the fight; we will choose an optimal composition for progression.


You should will always work to improve. We take logs for a reason!

Use them, love them, ask for help if you can't find the problem.


You should be a team player. We are no drama. Really.

Sometimes you'll need to sit--everybody does. Chillax. Sometimes

you'll need to do a special role that kills your numbers. No worries.

We work together to keep the raid team moving forward.


Bad attitudes aren’t tolerated and do nothing good for the guild. If you have a legitimate issue, the officers will be happy to talk to you.


You should be able to handle yourself in a mature way. This is an adult guild, and guild banter can be mature at times. If you are easily offended this probably isn’t the guild for you.


Wearing the <Mostly Harmless> tag should be a point of pride, and you should conduct yourself appropriately when interacting with other players. Trolling trade chat or picking fights with other guilds is immature and not tolerated. Act like a douchebag and you will be treated as such.




During normal/heroic progression, we use personal loot to ensure the greatest amount of gear reaches the team. For Mythic, we handle loot via EPGP. Please read up on this system if you haven’t used it before.


We have four tiers of rolls:

  • Main Spec (100% GP value)
  • Minor Upgrade (75%)
  • Off-Spec (10%)
  • Greed (0%).


Greed rolls are handled by EPGP’s built-in roll for each raider to avoid GP hoarding.

Pets and mounts are also handled by this mechanism. Weekly decay is 10%.


Application process

When you submit your application, it will be sent to the officer team for review. We will review logs and loop in current raiders with experience in that class and will get back to you with additional questions or comments.


You can run one cross-realm night with us (if we are still running it that week) if you would like to get a feel for our atmosphere and raiders. Either main raid or alt run (Fridays) is acceptable. It’s a good first introduction, though it is not required. You will not be eligible for loot at this raid, unless the item would otherwise go to disenchant.


If accepted, you will be introduced to the members on your first raid nigth and will be given a hearty hello at your first raid.


All raider applications require a log and screenshot to be considered.



Trial Period



The trial period lasts from 8-12 raids. Promotion is by officer decision with input from guild members. Attendance is important. Missing nights further delays the decision and increases your chances of not being promoted.


During the trial period, main raiders are prioritized over trial ranks for main spec loot only.


If you have any questions about the process or the guild, please feel free to get in touch with an officer:


Mellari#1326 – Guild Master

Zam#1130 –  Guild/Recruitment Officer


Sound good? Sweet!


Apply Here

Raid times

Tuesday    10PM-1AM ET

Thursday   10PM-1AM ET
Sunday      9PM-1AM ET

General info

  • Invites go out 15 minutes
    prior to raid start
  • Provided:
    • Enchants
    • Gems
    • Repairs
  • Loot: EPGP
  • We use Mumble
  • Casual alt run on Friday nights, 10pm ET


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