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“He’s not actually dead though” — Cenarius, 6/7M


I heard this fight was kind of annoying. Not sure though, spent most of my time off in a corner. 😉

GG team for knocking down this asshole in a couple nights of progression.

Mythic Il’gynoth–5/7 & Server #1


In true fashion, the last pull of the night proved successful. Great job, guys! ]\!

Mythic Dragons: 4/7M


Bear Dicked: Mythic Ursoc

When the GM’s away, the raid will…get things done. 2/7M.

Missing the screenshot (ahem!) but Renferal went down without much of a fight (so I’m told). 2/7M as of 10/13.



We did the thing!

To all the gaze I’ve soaked before…


For Archi we’ll all look at the camera. 😉

Too Cool for Xhul

This boss was a beast, but hey, we prevailed! Onward to the true beast of this tier…


The eredar are no strangers to war…

And neither are we, bitch.

That makes 10/13M.


Fel Lord…fel over