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Hold on to that feelin’ (5/7)


Gotta love accidental kills. “Let’s practice before the end of the week” turning into “oops the boss is dead” is my favorite kind of kill.

Don’t Stop Believin’… (4/7)


We’ve been a bit busy … 3/10

Speared and Licked

Completely unsatisfied with the idea of killing only one progression boss this week, we decided to make it two, if only to make Naruon dread the thought of starting on Helya.



Cutting Edge: M Xavius



I almost–almost–feel bad for this boss. Once we got past the DDoS of the evening…wham, bam, thank you, err, ma’am? GG all around for a tier well done.


“He’s not actually dead though” — Cenarius, 6/7M


I heard this fight was kind of annoying. Not sure though, spent most of my time off in a corner. 😉

GG team for knocking down this asshole in a couple nights of progression.

Mythic Il’gynoth–5/7 & Server #1


In true fashion, the last pull of the night proved successful. Great job, guys! ]\!

Mythic Dragons: 4/7M


Bear Dicked: Mythic Ursoc

When the GM’s away, the raid will…get things done. 2/7M.

Missing the screenshot (ahem!) but Renferal went down without much of a fight (so I’m told). 2/7M as of 10/13.