Watch: Mistress Sassz’ine, 6/9M

Resto Sham, single-handedly responsible for carrying the DPS:

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Unholy DK (not Frost, Mell is dumb):

Watch: The Desolate Host, 5/9M

Now with more PoV!

Resto Shaman:

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Blood DK:

Shadow Priest:

Watch: Sisters of the Moon – 4/9M

Dat DK view:


Or if disgustingly clean UIs are more your speed, check out this SPriest:


Watch: Demonic Inquisition – 3/9M

WATCH: Mythic Harjatan

Watch: Mythic Goroth


Goroth Burned – 1/9M


Watch: Mythic Augur Kill

Warrior PoV:

Chatty Mage PoV 😉
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Watch: Realm First Mythic Helya

Oops we did it again. 7/10M.

There’s something to be said for falling into a rhythm. There’s also something to be said for killing four bosses in less than as many weeks. That is: “Cool.”

Much like Krosus was our surprise post-Botanist kill, Spellblade was our post-Tichondrius kill. And even then, there were fewer than 20 attempts between them. Cool.