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Mostly Harmless is a Horde guild on US-Malfurion. We were formed on Drenden in February of 2008 following the merger of two guilds, Mostly Harmless and Fist of Fate. The merged guild was called Requiem. What followed was consistent 25-man raiding up through the end of MoP, always clearing raids on the highest difficulty before the next patch. With the advent of mythic, we’re still at it.


In February 2015, we packed our hexweave bags and transferred servers from Drenden to Malfurion, in search of a better economy and stronger raiding scene. It was then that we reclaimed our Mostly Harmless name.



We’re a diverse group of players from a variety of backgrounds. We don’t discriminate, nor do we tolerate asshole behavior. Some of us have been playing together for years, and others are just starting to understand why.


Our leadership core is experienced and dedicated. All of those guilds falling apart right now? Yeah, that’s not us, and it won't be.


Interested in raiding with us? Check out our times, requirements, and application.


Want to come hang out and probably not raid? Shoot Mell (Mellari#1326) or Zamera (Zam#1130) a tell when you're on server.


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